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Mohammad Ismail(Munna)

President, 2024
JCI Chittagong

As the President of JCI Chittagong for the year 2024, it is my honor and privilege to welcome you to our dynamic and vibrant community of young leaders.

At JCI Chittagong, we are committed to driving positive change in our local community and beyond. Through our various projects, initiatives, and collaborations, we aim to address pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges while empowering our members to become impactful leaders.

This year, we have an exciting lineup of events, projects, and training opportunities designed to inspire, engage, and empower our members. From leadership workshops to community service projects, there are countless ways for you to get involved and make a difference.

Together, we will work tirelessly to create a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future for all. I invite you to join us on this journey of impact, growth, and collaboration.

Thank you for your support and dedication to building a better world. Together, we can achieve greatness!

Raju Ahmmed

President, 2023
JCI Chittagong

Alhamdulillah, all praises to Almighty Allah who has given me the opportunity to serve as the President of Junior Chamber Chittagong, 2023.

All of your overwhelming wishes delighted me and made me feel special and loved. Do keep me in your prayers and stay by my side.

Your presence is my spirit that empowers and brings me strength to proceed further. I look forward to making progress on Junior Chamber Chittagong as well as taking steps forward along with my fellow members in developing the youth of our country in every aspect while serving the society and nation simultaneously.

In'shaaAllah, Through Junior Chamber Chittagong, I hope to implement sustainable positive changes in every step this year.

Keep me in your thoughts and wish me luck

Shaan Shahed

President, 2022
JCI Chittagong

JCI Chittagong has devised a generous opportunity for Chittagong's youth, which assisted young people in laying a solid foundation in the job world. JCI Chittagong Youth Summit was consists of Young entrepreneur fair, Job fair for youth, Training and seminars for young entrepreneurs, professionals, and graduates, Also Startup business idea contest.

Many companies was out there with their stalls, training seminars were there by renowned professionals, startup idea contest was there. It was a ground breaking event of JCI Chittagong in 2022. I’m so lucky I had a dynamic team to work with and with being president of that year and contributed something for the youth!

Tipu Sultan Shikdar

President, 2021
JCI Chittagong

Our emotions have the potential to impair our judgment and our capacity to lead. All the famous leaders must have the ability to control their emotions, sometimes known as the ability to remain calm under pressure. When we talk about this potential in a leader the first example that comes into our mind is our Immediate past local president (IPLP) and National Director of JCI Bangladesh Mr. Tipu Sultan Shikdar.

On his quest to find fulfillment, Mr. Tipu Sultan Shikdar became self employed as a proprietor of a successful business which is known by all of us M/S Universal Agro Corporation. The success story of this great leader doesn’t stop here. He is also successfully fulfilling the respective role of a managing director by leading a large number of employees at Fit Well Sweater Pvt Ltd. His contribution to our JCI Community was undoubtedly remarkable.

He believes in placing more value on perseverance than chance and the best work will produce the best results. His phenomenal journey to success inspires us nothing but only to move forward.

Shahidul Mostafa Chowdhury Mizan

President, 2020
JCI Chittagong

Today, Chittagong is a very cosmopolitan, affluent, and wonderful city. However, while we were growing up here, it wasn't nearly that way. All of this social development is now possible for the contribution of people like our respected brother Shahidul Mostafa Chowdhury Mizan, the current president of Lions Club of Chittagong Cosmopolitan. He also had an unforgettable
contribution to develop our JCI Chittagong as a former president back in 2020.

I believe that a director has a significant impact on the outcome of a business, thus he deserves praise if it succeeds. And here Shahidul Mostafa Chowdhury Mizan is successfully fulfilling his responsibility of a director for four successful companies such as Bangladesh Shipping Agents Association, Banshkhali Salt Mills LTD, Mizan Salt Mills LTD & K.R Ceramics LTD.

Consistency is the key to success that is what we learn from him. His never-ending success story expands of his other responsibilities of working also as a Managing Director at Spectrum International S.M Chowdhury Food and Beverage, S.M Chowdhury & Brothers (Clearing and Forwarding Agent) Chittagong Custom, CTG Airport, Dhaka Airport, BENAPOLE Custom. He is currently the standing sub committee member of Chittagong Chamber of Commerce &

If we want to acknowledge what a successful Entrepreneur looks like, we have Mr. Shahidul Mostafa Chowdhury Mizan as a perfect role model.

Ashim Kumar Das

President, 2019
JCI Chittagong

Finding a mentor who will take the time to get to know users and company brand is important and to represent JCI as a brand we have our leader Ashim Kumer Das, President of 2019, JCI Chittagong who just didn’t work in the wellbeing of JCI Bangladesh nationally but also globally as well.

This multitalented leader of us played a vital role for JCI Bangladesh as a national director in 2020 and also as a national vice president at 2021. However, when it comes to contribute for the well being of JCI he didn’t took a step back to work for JCI globally as a JCI APDC development officer from 2019 to 2020 in Vietnam and further continued to work in the same position from 2020 to 2021 in Thailand.

As a proprietor of M/S Ashim Enterprise this exceptional leader taught us the difference between failure and success. His work also expands as a director at Farmroots Pvt LTD and as a managing director at WEGROW General Trading LLC.

The success story of Ashim Kumer Das teaches us that It's about creating a community that wants to learn more about your business every day because you produce value and offer knowledge, not about focusing on numbers, but rather on doing what you do best.

Mashfiq Ahmed Rushad

President, 2018
JCI Chittagong

Integrator who have a shared vision with others and who inspire others to realize how that goal might benefit the community in the long term are characteristics of good leaders. Responsible leaders distribute the workload among their team rather than taking everything on alone. Among all the JCI leaders the
achievement of Mashfiq Ahmed Rushad is exceptional.

With a remarkable academic career, he graduated from Queen
Mary, University of London rated 125th in the QS World University Rankings by top universities in the world, as a mechanical engineer. In 2010, from the same university also he achieved Masters in
Sustainable Energy Engineering with Merit.

Between success and achievement, there is a critical difference. There are many successful people whose accomplishment doesn’t have any effect in our society. They only acquire highly sought-after credentials, land prestigious jobs, develop enviable careers, and bring in top-tier wages and incomes. But there are just a few examples of the accomplishment of actual contribution of a successful career that contribute to the society. Mashfiq Ahmed Rushad is one of those examples. In 2011, he launched the Qubee Wimax Internet service, which is owned by Augere Wireless Broadband UK, in Chittagong. He worked in the largest transport company in the world, First Group UK, for a brief period of time before he decided ultimately returning back to Bangladesh. After returning back to his hometown, he began working for his
family's business at Dong Bang Group in the textile industry, where he first held the position of AGM Maintenance before rising to the position of Executive Director and shareholder of the group's businesses in the trading of textiles, fertilizer, and basic commodities. Continuing his successful movement in career
he entered the engineering industry as the CEO of the company, representing the Atlas Copco Group in Bangladesh and several other MNCs under the name and brand GEN AIR Engineering.

His influential career achievements have a huge impact on his work for JCI Chittagong as a President in 2018. He represents a ultimate career success, something that very few people ever achieve in their career and a role model for the society to look up to.

Md Gias Uddin

President, 2017
JCI Chittagong

A director is the organization’s captain; he has a far clearer vision of the way of organization than anyone else. Although We want to play around with the characters, we are aware that a good director will ensure everyone’s safety. Our president of 2017 MD Gias Uddin from JCI Chittagong has the same career concept while directing Fulkoli Group with his strong leadership skill.

The strength of a man is in his character. A strong man is a great man of wisdom who understands, his top priority is to his family. Our former president has a grounded nature makes him down to earth for everyone he come across and makes his journey everywhere quite astounding. As a representation of a successful career he is fulfilling his role of being the partner of Borotakia Construction Co. & took his career to next level ahead by being the Proprietor of Mahmuda Islam Corporation as a successful leader who sets an example to create a supportive environment so that the employees can help to grow a victorious organization.

When we have a fantastic mentor like him in our society, we may approach them for insightful pointers and advice while also learning from their experiences of a prospective career. His amazing leadership work for JCI Chittagong will be always elicit in our memory.

Jasim Ahmed

President, 2016
JCI Chittagong

To live well is to work well & to show good activities. If we talk about the phenomenal activities of JCI Chittagong, the first name that comes into our mind is Jasim Ahmed who was the former president of 2016 in this community. Our former president of 2016 has done the most incredible activities for the well-being of our JCI Community.

History is nothing more than a man has done to achieve his goals. In the history of JCI Chittagong our former president Jasim Ahmed successfully organized 1st Young Entrepreneurs Trade Fair (YETF)- 2016 in Chittagong which is still the first Trade fair for the young entrepreneurs in Bangladesh and South Asia. It was a 21 days long trade fair for the Young Entrepreneurs of Bangladesh to exhibit, promote and sell their products and services. That event will remain as one of the most unforgettable events in the JCI community’s history.

Looking up to his successful career, he is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable person in Bangladesh footwear Industry. He has many success stories in career and established himself as a successful entrepreneur. He is now looking after his concerns RJM Footwear Ltd and Arrow Manufacturing Ltd as Managing Director and Chairman respectfully.

If we intend to remember the golden history of the JCI community, Jasim Ahmed is one of the names we will always remember.

Shihab Malek

President, 2015
JCI Chittagong

A leader leads by example, not by force. JCI Community always had extraordinary leaders for setting an example to the wellbeing of our society. Their achievements are the main elements to inspire our young generation & rising entrepreneurs and for achieving a successful prospective for achieving their desired career. One of the strongest examples of a successful career we set into our JCI Chittagong community is the career of Shihab Malek, our former president of 2015.

His main recognition is as the Executive editor of the first published paper in Bangladesh popularly known as “The Daily Azadi” (Dainik Azadi). The only newspaper that was released on December 17, 1971, was the daily Azadi from Chittagong. Dainik Azadi is one of the most popular local Bengali daily newspaper of Chittagong. During the leadership days of Shihab Malek, JCI Chittagong got one of its biggest exposure to the media.

Shihab Malek was one of our focused leaders who have a shared vision with us and who inspired us to realize how that goal might benefit the community in the long term.

Raisul Uddin Saikat

President, 2014
JCI Chittagong

Getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to is the art of motivation. Our former president of 2014 Raisul Uddin Saikat was the living example of that when he served our JCI community. In his time of leadership JCI had a lot of eye-catching events.

The franchisee owner of the famous restaurant Segafredo Zanetti Espresso is the master of setting a trend of newness among our young entrepreneurs. It is just one of his most successful venture. He is the chairman of Albion group & his glorious name is also included in the board of directors at Delta Health Care Ctg Ltd. Recently, he has been elected as the Director of International Business Forum of Bangladesh (IBFB). The iconic career of our most powerful leader from 2014 made him the role model for all the young entrepreneurs out there and also to the members of JCI Chittagong who are looking forward to a career triumphant.

Effective leadership is defined by results, not by personality traits or public appearances. Our role model of successful career Raisul Uddin Saikat taught us that - Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.

MD. Niaz Morshed Elite

Founder President, 2013
JCI Chittagong

"May the Lord raise for our nation’s leaders who will honor his demand for honesty.”

In order for his constituents to appreciate him, a politician for government position always put politics aside and concentrate on using true leadership to improve others' quality of life. More than the title of his leadership position, his legacy is what matters the most. This is the perfect example of the representation for our most respected leader of JCI Bangladesh MD Niaz Morshed Elite. One who understands the way, travels the way, and models the way is a
leader. When a leader's task is finished and his goal is attained, people will remark, "We did it ourselves," and that is when he is most effective.

After he graduated from North South University with a degree in business administration (marketing), our esteemed CEO Niaz Morshed Elite began working for his family's business, the Borotakia group, which has since developed into the nation's leading supplier of containers, heavy cargo handling machinery, and all-inclusive marine solutions in 2003. Borotakia Motors Pvt Ltd, Arin Motors, Borotakia Construction Co, and Elite Motors are all included in theg roup. Since joining the Borotakia Group, Mr. Elite
has served as the managing director of a number of creative and
industry-leading projects in Bangladesh, all of which have a positive impact on the nation's socioeconomic development. Over 1000 individuals are currently employed by Borotakia Group across the country. The accomplishment and contribution of him can hardly describe in words. A remarkable journey of entrepreneurship of
Niaz Morshed Elite started when realized he was capable to take the Borotakia Group, his family's business, to a new level by fusing his personal initiative, entrepreneurial energy, and creative ideas.

A three-wheeler assembly plant was created in Bangladesh in 2006 by the Borotakia Group, under the direction of Mr. Elite. Later, under his superb direction, financial know-how, and forward thinking mentality, the group introduced the 3-wheeler, 12-seat passenger vehicle, and the AUGE-branded 2-wheeler (motorbike) with great success. Through this project, many new jobs were created in the area, carbon emissions were reduced, lead times were shortened, and communities had better access to affordable transportation. Under the name Borotakia Construction, Niaz Morshed Elite entered the port industry in 2013. Mr. Elite acquired long-term contracts that have made Borotakia Construction the nation's top provider of port operations services through the formation of successful international alliances to provide superior engineering and by utilizing his entrepreneurial and investing skills. Niaz Morshed Elite Co-founded Nagad Ltd. in 2017, the second-largest FinTech in Bangladesh and the company with the fastest global growth rate. Nagad Ltd. provides digital financial services in Bangladesh through cutting-edge goods and services. With over 250,000 retail locations and an average daily transaction volume of over BDT 7,500 million, Nagad currently serves 55 million+ verified registered customers. At Nagad Ltd., Mr. Elite is currently the executive director.

In Bangladesh, Niaz Morshed Elite is a well-known social, cultural, and sports organizer who serves as the head of numerous national and international forums and offers guidance and support. His endeavors involve promoting peace and a non-communal consciousness among young people. In recognition of his excellent achievements and contributions to youth-focused social care, Niaz Morshed Elite was selected as the "Icon of the Youth 2018" out of the 3148 people and organizations registered with the Department of Social Services. Mr. Elite has worked to raise awareness of issues relating to human rights, including settlement facilitation and recommendations to the government, while serving as the President of the Bangladesh Human Rights Commission (Chattogram North).

Mr. Elite also serves as the director and chairman of the Brothers Union Club Ltd.'s cricket committee in Dhaka and Chattogram. The founder and president of Chattogram Khulshi Club Limited, joint general secretary of Bangladesh Road Transport Owners Association, chief coordinator of Bangladesh Chess Federation, Chattogram, secretarygeneral of Chattogram Omar Ekushey Book Fair Celebration Council, former president of Chattogram Bangla New Year Council, convener of Chattogram Metropolitan Eid Celebration Council, and Chi Chi Khang of Chattogram are
just a few of the many community-building projects he is involved in.

He began his service to Junior Chamber International (JCI) as the Chattogram Cosmopolitan's founding president. President of the JCI Bangladesh National 2021–2023 is currently Mr. Elite. JCI is a nonprofit group for young people that encourages global cooperation, social and economic advancement.

Niaz Morshed Elite is the idol for all the leaders and also for all the new generation who wants to follow the ultimate path of success.